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By Moustafa Gadalla

an entire instruction manual in regards to the pyramids of old Egypt through the Pyramid Age. It comprises: the destinations and dimensions of interiors and exteriors of the pyramids; the background and developers of the pyramids; theories of building; theories on their goal and serve as; the sacred geometry that was once included into the layout of the pyramids; and lots more and plenty, a lot more.

This multiplied variation of the publication contains totally illustrated seven components with a complete of 18 Chapters, in addition to one Appendix.

Part I: evaluation involves chapters 1 and a couple of, as follows:
Chapter 1: The heritage offers a quick commencing assertion in regards to the universal "theories" and the counterpoints in line with genuine facts.

Chapter 2: the real Masonry Pyramids presents an inventory of the Egyptian pyramids that have been outfitted through the Fourth dynasty approximately 4500 years ago.

Part II: Pyramids as opposed to Tombs comprises chapters three and four, as follows:
Chapter three: Stepped "Pyramid" of Zoser covers info of its super-structure and its underground chambers.

Chapter four: the fictitious Tombs covers the main points of a regular old Egyptian tomb and the way different from the interiors of the Egyptian masonry pyramids of the Fourth Dynasty.

Part III: Pyramids -- services & kinds involves chapters five and six, as follows:
Chapter five: The Pyramid complicated indicates how the Egyptian pyramid used to be an element of a posh that was once attached to different temples; and the diversities in services and kinds among a pyramid and a temple; in addition to the full of life proportioning of such structures.

Chapter 6: Pyramid energy covers the shape adaptations of the Egyptian masonry pyramids; and the way such kinds allure, keep and channel cosmic energies.

Part IV: Pyramid building concepts contains chapters 7 and eight, as follows:

Chapter 7: The wrong "Common Theory"covers the main points of the typical 'Theory"; the unidentified "source" of quarried blocks ; the impossibilities of slicing and shaping the pyramid blocks; the very unlikely logistics of fabricated ramps' idea; the convenietly neglected 3 colossal Pyramids of Snefru; and a summation refuting the western-made "Common Theory"

Chapter eight: the fabric proof covers Herodotus debts of pyramid building; Egyptian molding innovations ; the diversities among artificial and traditional blocks; many of the different types of man made concrete blocks; the original characteristics of the pyramids'casing stones; extra evidential evidence of man-made pyramid blocks; in addition to bringing to mild the much more impressive information of the sooner amazing masonry works of Saqqara

Part V:The 3 Snefru Pyramids involves 3 chapters nine via eleven, as follows:

Chapter nine: Snefru’s Meidum Pyramid covers its particular exteriors and interiors.

Chapter 10: Snefru’s Bent Pyramid covers its distinctive exteriors and interiors.

Chapter eleven: Snefru’s crimson Pyramid covers its specific exteriors and interiors.

Part VI: the 3 Pyramids of Giza contains 4 chapters 12 via 15, as follows:

Chapter 12: The Giza Plateau offers an total diagram of the details of curiosity within the Giza Plateau

Chapter thirteen: Khufu’s nice Pyramid covers its targeted exteriors and interiors.

Chapter 14: Khafra’s Pyramid covers its particular exteriors and interiors.

Chapter 15: Menkaura's Pyramid covers its certain exteriors and interiors.

Part VII: After The Pyramids is composed 3 chapters sixteen via 18, as follows;
Chapter sixteen: challenge finished concludes the Egyptians' ambitions of creating the pyramids

Chapter 17: "Pyramid" Texts covers the beginning of such incorrectly western characterization of such texts.

Chapter 18: the best Pharaohs That presents bills of next extra robust and nice developers who by no means equipped a pyramid as the genuine pursuits of establishing pyramids have been completed throughout the period of the Fourth dynasty.

Appendix A: Roof varieties and Their Metaphysical Designations.

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Egyptian Pyramids Revisited

A whole instruction manual concerning the pyramids of historical Egypt throughout the Pyramid Age. It comprises: the destinations and dimensions of interiors and exteriors of the pyramids; the heritage and developers of the pyramids; theories of building; theories on their function and serve as; the sacred geometry that was once included into the layout of the pyramids; and masses, even more.

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