Download Geh in Deine Kraft, Schwester: Die Urkraft des Weibes, by Renate Helene Zormeier PDF

By Renate Helene Zormeier

Die Göttlich-Weibliche Präsenz ist seit Äonen in uns vorhanden, sie wurde in schwierigen Zeiten nur in uns versenkt.
Sieben kraftvoll-transformative Seelenrituale wandeln uns im heilenden alchemistischen Schmelztiegel, heben unsere inneren Schätze und schaffen in unseren Partnerschaften die Grundlage für reine Liebe.
Wir halten unsere Krone bereits in unseren Händen... setzen wir sie auf!
Die Urkraft des Weibes, die wir verborgen im Inneren besitzen, ruft zur Befreiung des Schoßes. Dieses Juwel, die wunderreiche Natur in uns Frauen möchte gehoben, poliert und in Würde gelebt werden.
Im Laufe der langen Geschichte der Menschheit wurde der weibliche Schoßraum, die Heiligkeit der Sexualität und unser Selbstwert in Schmerz umgewandelt, tief in uns vergraben und wird nun zum großen Geschenk des Wandels.
Funkelt Dein innerer Tempel schon auf Hochglanz?
Erstrahlt Dein Diamant im Herzraum schon hell?
In unserem geheilten Schoß finden wir die Schlüssel zur Befreiung, um unsere Erde wieder erblühen, und den Klang der himmlischen Sphären ertönen zu lassen. Die intuitive, schöpfende, liebende Macht in uns Frauen wird dem inneren wie äußeren Frieden sanft wie eine aufgehende Blüte zum Sieg verhelfen!

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Download The Teachings of the Crystal Skull by Magdala Ramirez PDF

By Magdala Ramirez

the lessons of the Crystal Skulls
Miquiztli, girl loss of life, Is the Keeper of the
Teachings of the Crystal Skulls
and she has saved them hidden since
the time of the traditional Ones.

The lady point, the existence Giver,
Mirroring Miquiztli, woman Death,
is now brining forth the
Teachings of the Crystal Skulls,
One by way of One,
Awakening an Incredible
Power inside you

I Am You

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Download The Oracles of Apollo: Practical Ancient Greek Divination by John Opsopaus PDF

By John Opsopaus

Throughout background, divination has been a big instrument for looking advice from the gods. thankfully, a number of classical divination structures can be found to us back at the present time. The Oracles of Apollo indicates how one can use rediscovered divination platforms: the Alphabet Oracle, a approach that makes use of the traditional Greek alphabet, and the Counsels of the Seven Sages, a sequence of 147 brief, oracular statements that have been inscribed on capsules at Delphi.

This publication stocks divination concepts and rituals—including using alphabet stones, cube, staves, beads, and coins—and interpretations of the results that can assist you combine the knowledge of the gods and goddesses. those oracles have been initially designed hundreds of thousands of years in the past to supply insights into useful issues and deeper concerns . . . and so they can be utilized back today.

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Download The Color Game by Margherita Crystal Lotus PDF

By Margherita Crystal Lotus

In the desires of Ida you will find your self, and the occasions that had formed your existence and the way to heal internal wounds and traumas. Ida is in a coma, after an coincidence that became her brain to discover her internal global of energies. ideas, and emotions are strength kinds circulating in bodies. the numerous degrees are coordinated by way of strong power organs, known as chakras. think that you just go back and forth among them as planets, that experience varied colors. obvious altogether they seem like a rainbow via your physique. during this tale you're supported with support from the beings on every one planet.  The color online game originated as an idea to combination therapeutic with a fable sci-fi tale, like Alice in Wonderland combined with superstar Trek. The goal for this novel is for you discover your internal power method in addition, so that you can care for what had harmed you some time past and likewise to find your internal pleasure and happiness.

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Download The Keltic Power Symbols by Nicholas Mann PDF

By Nicholas Mann

what's residing? culture of the Islands of england? what's the Keltic inheritance? How can or not it's identified whilst rather a lot has been misplaced? How will we, through drawing at the roots of our homeland, the non secular Unfoldment of Ourselves and our Planet as this time? by means of major technique of the Pictish image Stones, and attention of the character of the Keltic Gods and Goddesses, the writer brings ahead a Key for the relevance of a few of the Mysteries of the Keltic Root Race.

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Download Dreaming Wide Awake: Lucid Dreaming, Shamanic Healing, and by David Jay Brown PDF

By David Jay Brown

an in depth consultant to learning lucid dreaming for actual and emotional therapeutic, more suitable creativity, and non secular awakening

• deals how to increase lucid dreaming skills and strategies for constructing superpowers within the dream realm

• Explains tips on how to improve dreaming with vitamins, herbs, and psychedelics

• Explores the power of lucid dreamers to speak with the waking realm and the opportunity of shared lucid dreaming and entry to our subconscious minds

In a lucid dream, you “awaken” inside of your dream and observe you're dreaming. With this outstanding feel of awakening comes a transparent notion of the continuity of self among waking and snoozing and the power to seriously effect what occurs in the dream, providing you with the chance to certainly adventure whatever with out actual or social outcomes. during this means, lucid dreaming deals healing possibilities for fable achievement, worry war of words, and freeing the trauma of earlier reports. With improvement and perform, lucid dreaming delivers a robust route to larger know-how, heightened creativity, religious awakening, and verbal exchange with the tremendous interconnected internet of cosmic consciousness.

In this specified advisor to getting to know the perform of lucid dreaming, David Jay Brown attracts from his greater than twenty years’ adventure utilizing those ideas and his interactions with dozens of specialists on realization, physics, dreaming, and entheogens, comparable to Stanley Krippner, Rupert Sheldrake, Stephen LaBerge, Robert Waggoner, Dean Radin, Terence McKenna, and so forth. He explores the intimate dating among lucid dreaming, shamanic traveling, visionary vegetation, and psychedelic medications and the way they're used for therapeutic and religious improvement. providing equipment for making improvements to either lucid dreaming and shamanic travelling skills, he explains tips to improve dreaming with oneirogens, supplementations, herbs, and psychedelics and gives options for constructing superpowers within the dream realm.

Summarizing the clinical learn on lucid dreaming, Brown explores the facility of lucid dreamers to speak with humans within the waking realm and the possibility of dream telepathy, shared lucid dreaming, and entry to the giant subconscious areas of our minds, establishing up a direction that takes us past dreaming and waking to dreaming extensive awake.

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Download Trance Journeys of the Hunter-Gatherers: Ecstatic Practices by Nicholas E. Brink PDF

By Nicholas E. Brink

Regaining oneness with the Earth during the perform of ecstatic trance

• Explains how the shamanic thoughts of ecstatic trance let us hook up with animal spirit publications, shape-shift, and learn to support heal the Earth

• exhibits how you can create own rituals to keep up oneness with the Earth and all existence

• Illustrates trance postures and rituals from a number of hunter-gatherer societies, together with historical Celtic, Norse, local American, and South American traditions

Early guy ran with the animals, lived with the animals, and used to be one with the wild symphony of the common world--a time fondly remembered because the backyard of Eden, or Idunn because it is understood in Norse mythology. yet as humanity shifted from a hunter-gatherer way of life to at least one of farming and towns, embracing the trendy worldview of man’s superiority over nature, we begun ignoring our innate reference to the Earth. Now we're waking as much as what we’ve misplaced, craving to heal our dating with the Earth and re-ignite the oneness with nature that we evidently loved as young children.

Drawing at the paintings of Felicitas Goodman, Thomas Berry, Ervin Laszlo, and different vital voices calling for attractiveness of our reference to all lifestyles, writer Nicholas verge of collapse exhibits how ecstatic trance can go back us to profound union with our nice mom, the Earth. He information the categorical therapeutic and non secular powers of trance postures and rituals from numerous hunter-gatherer societies, together with historic Celtic, Norse, local American, and South American traditions. He explains how the shamanic suggestions of ecstatic trance let us entry waking-dreamlike visions the place we will hook up with animal spirit publications, the six instructions, and the seasons and learn how to aid heal the Earth. we will be able to shape-shift to work out in the course of the eyes of every species of wildlife, interacting with life-forms within the skies, on land, within the seas, and underground, in addition to trip to the area of the lifeless to satisfy our ancestors.

Sharing own trance stories of therapeutic, religious connection, and divination, verge of collapse exhibits how those practices let us to create own rituals to take care of oneness with all existence. He finds the non secular energy of being one along with your atmosphere and experiencing the spirits of every thing round you. And, as we reconnect with the spirit of the Earth, we will once more event the realm not just as alive but additionally enchanted.

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Download Astrology and the Art of Healing by A.T. Mann PDF

By A.T. Mann

traditional medication treats signs with surgical procedure and medication instead of therapeutic the basis motives of sickness. Complementary remedies try to deal with the entire self, that can elevate wisdom of or even counteract the imbalances that create affliction. This publication makes an attempt to narrate internal factors with our "four our bodies" which will impact therapeutic. "Astrology and the artwork of therapeutic" ways therapeutic and astrology in a brand new and progressive means. actual, emotional, psychological, and religious treatments relate to phases of your lifestyles procedure, from perception via start, and from youth to previous age and loss of life. Many horoscopes exhibit easy methods to comprehend the origins of future health imbalances on your lifestyles. Correlations to acceptable cures can help the services of your medical professionals. A loose astro-chart is integrated. A.T. MANN is the writer of "A New imaginative and prescient of Astrology," "The around paintings of Astrology," "Sacred Architecture," "Sacred Sexuality," and "The everlasting lifestyles: Astrology and Reincarnation."

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Download Love's Eternal Space: Enlightening Poetry by Shree, Sherrie Wade PDF

By Shree, Sherrie Wade

those enlightening poems motivate the reader to deepen their meditation perform during the direct event of freedom and fulfilment. Written whereas engaged in Self-inquiry and meditation within the Himalayas of India, they exhibit the aspirations of the seeker, traveling to discover maximum love and peacefulness. Self is all-permeating. It simply has to be exposed. This poetry empowers the unfoldment of understanding one's Self at once as natural, unfastened and perpetually. The poet, Shree Sherrie Wade is Director of on-line Institute. "These verses are relatively elegant. They fantastically show your very extended imaginative and prescient and raise the soul of the reader to its heights. i am continuously touched and moved through them." Swadarshana

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Download An Encounter that Changes Everything: With the One who Heals by Nora Benny,Wendy Borrego PDF

By Nora Benny,Wendy Borrego

Jane is one of the who've to accommodate emotional wounds. Her kinfolk matters have been so deep they got here to the skin within the kind of aggression. Like many people, she didn't discover the foundation of her behavior.

What is an emotional wound?

Emotional wounds are like an onion, having many layers. each one layer represents a reminiscence, an emotion or an adventure. those person layers must be pulled again and handled, one after the other, with the intention to get to the center of our wounds.

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